Mega Tester V4

Mega Tester - piezo injector testing

The Mega Tester is the device to test the piezo injectors manufactured by Bosch, Siemens VDO, Denso. That allows you to:

  • measure the capacitance of the piezoelectric element,

  • measure the resistance of the piezoelectric element under voltage

  • measure the insulation resistance under elevated voltage

  • by means of the injector control voltage to measure the stroke of the piezoelectric element.

  • measure the gap between the piezo actuator and the pusher of injector hydraulic valve (from -2.0 µm till 15.0 µm).

The functionality of the device allows you to assess the damage degree of the piezoelectric element and is intended to make it easier in diagnosis and troubleshooting of the piezoelectric injectors, as well as to help assess the correctness of the assembly of the injectors. The operation of the device is controlled from a computer using a keyboard and mouse. It is also possible to start the device in manual mode using the buttons on the front panel. Some functions will not be available from the instrument menu.

Specification software firmware

Insulation resistance

1 MΩ … 10 GΩ

Piezoelectric resistance

100 kΩ … 1 MΩ

The accuracy of measuring resistance is

± 2% + 3.e.m.

The capacity of the piezoelectric element is

0.5 … 10.0 μF

Accuracy of measurement of capacitance

± 0.3 μF

Piezoelectric voltage setting range

20 … 160 V

Rated supply voltage / frequency

100-240V AC / 50-60 Hz