CP Tester: A device for diagnostics and testing of high-pressure fuel pumps of the Common Rail system

The CP-Tester device is designed to supply user-programmable control signals for the pressure regulators of the test system and the Common Rail injection pump to check their operability (volumetric flow rate, maximum pressure).

Working with the device.

The “CP-Tester” device allows testing diesel injection pumps of the Common Rail system by supplying user-specified necessary signals to control the injection pump control valves and pressure regulators of the test system.
When testing the volumetric performance of CP1 pumps, the amount of fuel that goes into the return from the rail is measured through the high pressure regulator (s) at various operating modes (pump speed and pressure).

The principle of checking CP3 pumps is as follows: a rail with a high pressure regulator (s) and a pressure sensor installed on it is used as a load. As you know, in these systems, with low pressure control, the pump will have maximum performance in the absence of voltage on the regulator, but since the high pressure regulator (s) is installed on the rail, all fuel will go to the return line. Further, in the automatic mode, we set the load pressure by the HP high pressure regulator (s) and blocking the LP low pressure regulator with a current of different frequency, the pump performance is measured (the amount of fuel leaving the rail from the rail through the high pressure regulator (s) in different operating modes ).