New Products
CR-Next Valve stroke actuator
The “CR-Next Valve stroke actuator” device is designed to supply a signal to control the solenoid valve of the COMMON RAIL electromagnetic injectors manufactured by BOSCH, to measure the valve stroke by measuring the magnetic gap.
Mega Tester
Mega Tester V4
The Mega Tester is the device to test the piezo injectors manufactured by Bosch, Siemens VDO, Denso. That allows you to: measure the capacitance of the piezoelectric element, measure the resistance of the piezoelectric element under voltage measure the insulation resistance under elevated voltage by means of the injector control voltage to measure the stroke of the piezoelectric element. measure the gap between the piezo actuator and the pusher of injector hydraulic valve (from -2.0 µm till 15.0 µm).
Valve Tester V1
Valve tester V1
The Valve Tester V1 is an electronic device that measures the electrical parameters of a solenoid of an electrically controlled injector any type and any manufacturer (Common Rail, UIS, HEUI and other).