CR-Next Valve stroke actuator

CR-Next Valve stroke actuator device

The “CR-Next Valve stroke actuator” device is designed to supply a signal to control the solenoid valve of the COMMON RAIL electromagnetic injectors manufactured by BOSCH, to measure the valve stroke by measuring the magnetic gap.

The CR-Next Valve stroke actuator is used in the CR-NeXT diagnostic system.

The device has short circuit protection, and the ability to self-update the firmware.

The “CR-NeXT” complex be used for accurate and high-quality assembly of electromagnetic injectors of the Common Rail system. CR-NeXT allows you to perform a sequence of operations with complete visualization of the process and the formation of the required installation dimensions required for assembly.


Supply voltage

220 V ± 15 %

Control signal duration

1.5 seconds

Number of operations per minute

no more than 3

Device weight

1.5 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

190 x 180 x 60 mm

Power consumption

up to 150 W