CR-IP – the test bench for testing and coding of Common Rail injectors tester

Common rail injector tester

The CR-IP diagnostic bench is designed to test Common Rail injectors tester manufactured by Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens at a system pressure of up to 2400 bar.

The measurement takes place in an electronic measuring system.

The program with test plans is included in the package.

The CR-IP stand allows you to simultaneously check 4 injectors, as well as control the temperature of the test liquid on each injector.

The CR-IP diagnostic bench uses the CR4-Tester device, which is designed to provide user-programmable control signals for the Common Rail fuel delivery system injectors tester to check their performance (shape and intensity of spraying, volumetric efficiency).


Frequency of the control pulses of injection

60 … 1500 min-1

Duration of injector opening pulse

100 … 3000 μs

Temperature control of the test fluid (in the range)

0 … 100 ± 1 °C

Test fluid pressure regulation (in the range)

0 … 2400 bar

Electronic pressure measurement in the fuel pressure accumulator (in the range)

0 … 2400 bar

Protective glass

10 mm


1100 x 1700 x 670