UIS Tester: Device for diagnostics of unit injectors

The device "UIS-Tester" is intended for testing and checking the performance of unit injectors (UIS -Unit Injector System) and individual high-pressure fuel pumps with high-pressure solenoid valves (UPS -Unit Pump System).

Using the UIS-Tester device, it is possible to measure the response time of the electric valve, the device also has the ability to automatically control the electric drive of the measuring unit, and additional possibilities for self-updating the firmware and adapting to various CAMBOX versions.

The UIS-Tester device allows:

  • set the high-pressure solenoid valve control signal;

  • measure the rotational speed of the pressure cam shaft;

  • set the required number of cycles;

  • pre-set mode, for 5 solenoid valve control modes;

  • set any value of the lead angle for switching on the solenoid valve.


Supply voltage

220 V ± 15 %

Signal delay angle

0° ... 359°

The number of injections per minute

100 … 1500

The mass of the device is

8 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

365 x 320 x 110 mm

Power consumption up to

750 W